Minimserver album sequence

New ND5XS2 user here running a trial of minimserver on a synology nas and finding my feet.
In the Naim ios app when looking at ‘artists’ and then ‘albums’, the sequence of the list is in alphabetical order.
What I need is the sequence to be in ‘year’ order - is this a function of minimserver or a function of the Naim app? (I know I can view by year but that groups the albums per year rather than display all albums in year order).

It’s a function of the server I’ve discovered - Minimserver needs a setting in tagOptions.

`Minimserver is very customisable in the way it presents your music, but the cost of that is that it can take time to find how to achieve what you’re after. You do need to follow the extensive instructions carefully, but if you run into difficulties there’s a friendly forum on which lots of experienced users, including the writer of the software, post.


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