Minimserver Functionality

I have a US and a separate NAS with MS installed.

My question is - with the US i can see my Newest Cds, Top 20 played and Last played Cds as separate folders which is very useful when I want to play an old favorite or a new cd.

Is it possible to have the same functionality with minimserver?

MinimServer 2 supports (or will support) listing recently added albums (see but I do not know whether “top played” and “last played” functionalities are planned. Why don’t you directly ask the developer at the MinimServ forum?

I don’t think the “recently added” feature has yet been implemented. Various workarounds have been discussed on the MS forum over the years. My solution is to use Asset as well as MS.


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Right, if you need the “recently added” feature, Asset is probably the best choice. I do not know whether Asset supports custom tags, however. This is the feature of MinimServer that I use most, see

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