MinimServer2 can't stream FLAC via m3u

Well I accidentally updated to Minimserver 2 on the QNAP and now the m3u playlist containing my FLAC streams doesn’t function… I get “No Results” in the Naim Ap.

I went ahead and downloaded Minimwatch 2 so I could configure it and I note it no longer has the options for stream.convert and stream.transcode so I think it’s not able to read the FLAC files due to the ffmpeg format? Not sure. I have a trial license so I’m under the impression I have all the available options. Perhaps they moved it?

Is anyone streaming FLAC radio stations with Minimserver2 that can point me in the right direction?

Ok, never mind, I hadn’t installed the streamer module and I thought I had. Please disregard.

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I recently did the upgrade to Minim2 with the free licence then noticed it wasn’t trancoding from FLAC to Wav as previously. After going around in various circles, I discovered the transcode option via Minimstream isn’t available in the free licenced version. So you need to upgrade the licence and then enter the transcode syntax again. Hope that helps

Thanks, I wasn’t clear if the streamer module was available on the free version so I did the 30 day trial and figured I’ll buy it if it doesn’t work after the trial. It kept my original configs so I didn’t have to redo them just like it said in the instructions.

So my free trial expired yesterday and my streaming stopped so I went ahead bought the perpetual license. Apparently that only comes with 1 year of updates so not sure if I’ll have to pay again to keep streaming.

Not to keep streaming, but yes if you want to further update the software (with fixes and enhancements) after the 12 months has expired. That seems to be how other similar software licensing works.

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