Minor scratch on balance dial of 282

My new 282 arrived yesterday. After taking it out of the box I noticed a very small scratch on the balance dial (see photo). It’s very minimal and not something which would warrant asking for a replacement but it is a bit annoying . Do Naim have any touch up pens they send to customers to deal with this kind of minor blemish ?


Ask your dealer to sort it out. It’s an expensive bit of kit and it should be perfect.


Whilst minor, it’s a blemish you’ll always notice. As Chris says, it’s an expensive bit of kit and as it’s new, it should be perfect out of the box.


Sorry……this is unacceptable. Your dealer and Naim should replace either the control knob or the whole unit asap.


You definitely don’t want a blemish on your knob :flushed: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Quite so. A £5,000+ preamp should be perfect and should never have left the factory like that. Insist on a replacement.


Agree with all posts….I definitely would want a replacement….unless it was sold as B-grade?

The whole thing looks a bit grubby and dusty sorry.
Might just be the picture but. :thinking:
Put your circle at the other side. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


It’s a bit odd that you even ask this question. I once bought a 555PS and its fascia was wonky. As soon as I opened the box and noticed it, I called my dealer and had a replacement the very next day. You wouldn’t accept a new car with a scratch on the bonnet, or a pair of trousers with a hole in the knee. It’s odd to even consider the idea of touch up paint. Why let Naim off the hook here? They are not a charity and their products should be 100% perfect. Goodness knows, they cost enough.


naim should not have let this through QC. First thing we’ve done with every component whether used or new is make sure it’s cosmetically perfect.

Our nDAC is 2011 and looks like it was unboxed yesterday thanks to proud previous owner(s). A new delivery should be perfect or rejected instantly. These are not small value purchases.

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If new then back to the dealer, he may be able to just replace the knob. I’ve pulled the balance knob off a 282 to move it round a spline but not seen how the LED attaches to the knob or its wires to the board.
If used or ex demo is it worth the bother?

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Looks dusty to me. :thinking:

Thanks for the replies everyone. In fairness, the photo makes it look worse than it is, the mark looks more like a speck of dust in reality. I do agree with HH that it should be perfect as it’s an expensive piece of kit. It is a real hassle organising a replacement but it will bother me forever more so I think I’ll contact the dealer next week and ask for one. It is new and came in a sealed box. I got a NDX2 a few months ago and the screen was faulty and I’m still waiting for a replacement (my dealer is sorting it out but there seems to be a supply chain issue with streamers). I’m just a bit wary of coming across as a serial complainer but on reflection I’ll ask for a replacement…


There certainly is a slight delay on new NDX2 our dealer mentioned it when we ordered 555PSDR this week (as we bought NDX2 from him few weeks back so it came up in conversation).

We’ve not powered on our NDX2 yet, fingers crossed it doesn’t have one of these screen bleed issues we seem to be reading about more and more. You would think every unit would go through stringent QC. With the September price rises these units cost £6K. Not really acceptable to have to power on then send back.


With the greatest respect, this is a rather silly discussion here.

Get your dealer to fit a new, unblemished knob forthwith, then get on with listening to the music.


Worse still a chip out of it that anyone looking at it will notice😱

These are strange times - long lead times on some goods, large price rises, more costly repair/servicing.

How long had you waited for the 282 and could that have affected your view that you might be happy just to ‘touch it up’?

My SupercapDR last year had an awfully stained front fascia.

It really makes you wonder about quality control these days - that’s not meant critically but one would hope someone at Naim since Clare’s departure would be on the ball with these things? Are staff being pushed to hard by the mother organisation?

I think it can be fixed with a black marker and a doff pattern, isn’t it too long if you expect a replacement?

If you are like me, and I’m guessing a) you are or you’d not have asked the question and b) that others on this forum are similarly minded, that tiny blemish is going to annoy you until properly replaced, so yes, get the dealer to sort it.