Minority Report - has Apple just taken us a step closer GUI wise?

Must confess I’ve been sceptical about augmented reality ever since Google Glass.

This looks way ahead of that:

I’d like to also share my collaborative digital content workspace with family, while maintaining a work identity for maximum continuity production

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Apparently, it will have an automatic spellchecker.

I was amused to hear of the jaw dropping nature of the product.

If anyone is about to watch it, can they check whether the power cables were shown in the initial videos or only at the end stage videos – the two hour battery with the chord to the battery cable is less than elegant.

Having said that I will expect before the end of next year I’ll be on a flight somewhere and the person next to me will be wearing one of these!


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I work as a heavy weight digital illustrator for the Ad industry and if it does all it is shown to will be getting one. The price is tiny towards a 49" daftly wide 5K screen and 27" 5K retouching screen which I run now. This could be a game changer in the studio if the resolution and colour is good enough. It is too costly now for most consumers - a family of four and thats over 12K!


Yes the cable was shown disappearing into the persons pocket - alarmed by this, I did wonder what they plugged into, but eventually pleased to know it was just a butt-ery pack.


Try wearing any headset for a full days work… Also, I strongly doubt resolution and colour gamut/accuracy will support real work. Still, buy it ‘for work’ and at least one will get a new entertainment device as a tax deductible.

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I’ll be waiting the the “Vision Pro Ultra Max 300 Pro Bigger Plus version X” then :). Hopefully by then Apple will have the colour and resolution perfect.

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I can see the appeal as a media playback device for a person living alone and it might work for group viewing if the devices can sync playback but that was not mentioned.
How long before property developers bundle one with your micro-flat :crazy_face:


I don’t even understand that, or was it in the video! :rofl:

It’s not at all what I expected - I’ve been dismissing it for months from the rumours of the product.

What was shown looked very interesting. I’d assumed it would just have had overlays for location services such as maps or nearby ‘commercial sites which might be of interest’, and maybe a few iffy games.

I do like the ability to control with gestures assuming it works well, and would love that kind of functionality for a standard monitor without the full goggles themselves - a fancy input device in other words.

Problems are:

  1. I’d look more of a twerp than normal if wearing one
  2. Ridiculous price currently
  3. Yes, the lead to the battery pack looks daft
  4. Do we really want some hybrid waiters, clerks, salespeople wearing these things when we’re out and about shopping/dining?

Just the usual gobbledegook that Apple are famous for. It means nothing, but in a very exciting way :smile:

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I’m not seeking souls for the Underverse, I’m just making a spatial video of the children’s birthday party.


When nerds jump the shark…


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I don’t want my world to be a canvas for apps, thanks…

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Virtual canvas at the end of the day though - could work well - assign different apps to different parts of the room and walk over to the Music app to play something?

Hmmm… the Luddite in me isn’t sure I want that.

Prefer my Linn Luddite tendencies!

Ever see or read The Machine Stops? :laughing:

I must read it one day, sounds like something the WEF would love to implement.

I had to google WEF

World Extinction F-up :wink:

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15 minute cities and all that…


What could possibly go wrong with ‘self-selected multinational companies’ being in control???

Well, a little exercise and a change of diet will look after that … :upside_down_face: