Minus K Isolation Plate

Hi all,

Haven’t been on the site for a while hope you are all keeping well. I’m looking into buying a Minus K isolation unit for my LP12 does anyone have any experience or advice you could share?

Thanks Pete

@varyat has a turntable with Minus k platform inside.
The Minus k is very expensive however…

Thanks varyat. I watched a youtube clip with Michael Fremer showing his kit and he had a Minus K under his TT which he endorsed. I’m aware of the cost of the platform but if it can enhance I’d consider it as another upgrade.

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I reviewed the Minus K platform for American Wired (Ian White’s old webzine). Under my CDP it was a mind bending improvement, even at the price. My old friend, John Potis (RIP), later did a review at 6Moons.com (still available for viewing I believe). He also liked a lot. The Minus K is the real deal, not some overpriced audiophile tweak. However, in your case it would not be recommended. When I spoke with David Platus, the owner/engineer at Minus K, he did not recommend using the platform under a suspended t-t because the two suspensions would create a resonance. Under a non-suspension equipped t-t like Rega, I’m sure it would work wonders. One other thing, the Minus K utterly demolished the Vibraplane which I used.

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Thank you Mike for your advice, this is what this forum is for. I’ve spent a lot of time looking for reviews and non have said that it wouldn’t work with suspended decks.

Saved me a good deal of money!

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For the price I would also consider the HRS platform. Don’t know however which one would sound better on an lp12.
Michael Fremer use a massive turntable, not decoupled on springs . Minus k is bouncing…
Perhaps @Kuma has some knowledge on that.

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