Missing blanking plug?

Having a bit of a clean round the back of my 202, I noticed that I don’t have the blanking plug for the socket labelled ‘aux2 in & pwr’ (the manual labels it ‘in 6 (alternative)’.

Is the blanking plug essential/preferred/neither here nor there?

Aside from that, what’s this input intended for use with?


Don’t worry. It’s not a blanking plug but a little plastic cover. The socket is used to power a phono stage, Stageline or Superline.


Ah, right - which is why it’s next to the signal ground terminal. Makes sense. Thanks.

I was doing a jolly good clean of plugs and sockets (mains, signal and speaker) and fuse end caps too - amazing how oxidised these were, by the way - and the uplift in performance has been even more satisfying than seeing all the crap come off onto the pieces of kitchen towel.



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