Missing Files - but album still plays!

I recently dumped a couple of my own recordings into my Uniticore Downloads folder as per normal. These were FLAC files and proper tagged with metadata and folder jpegs.

These appear in the App and play perfectly but won’t index in Roon.

When I tried to find the folders on my computer they didn’t seem to be there.

I am assuming they must be otherwise they wouldn’t play and maybe I accidentally poked the into another folder.

The only clue is that right at the bottom of the page n the app there is a small symbol with ‘Albums’ alongside and the cover art below that.

Help please.

This sometimes happens to me when I’ve inadvertently copied a folder into the wrong folder which DLNA doesn’t care about.

Yeah, I considered that and ploughed through all my folders and sub folders, still can’t find the albums. Very weird. It’s not a massive issue in that I’ve just added then albums again and Roon scanned them ok. Not have a duplicate which offends my OCD lol.

The nightmare scenario is having a file name that bears no relationship to the tags. Mp3tag to the rescue.

Can’t you do a search using one of the track names
Or *.flac that will give you all your tracks and you might be able to spot the rogue ones

I know the tags are ok as the two albums are ones I recorded myself and tagged. Indeed, having gone through the process again and loaded the folder into Downloads it’s all there as I’d expect.

It’s all very weird.

Roon uses its own database for tags by default, rather than reading the metadata attached to the files. You can optionally select your own tags instead for any album in Roon settings if you prefer. I think you would need to do this unless you have made your own metadata available to Roon and other online databases.

Obviously you would need to find the album in Roon first. If your Roon firmware is up to date you should be able to find it in the new folder view they now offer.