Mixing 135s with a 250 in an active system

Delving behind my system yesterday I realised that when I last made an upgrade (from active SBLs to active Ovator 600s) I was advised to go prepare my speaker cables for a future update. Ideally that would mean another pair of 135; but space is tight and I think I can only fit in a 250 (or similar).

Is this a proven upgrade path, or is it frowned upon?

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Yes, you can mix 135s with 250s in an active Naim system. Generally it’s felt that the High frequencies benefit from the better amp the most, which initially seems a little counterintuitive until you try it out. Of course, that on the traditional SNAXO. The Ovators may be different so I will defer to those who have experience with active Ovators, which I don’t.

Thanks Richard
I’ll keep an eye on responses

Anymore information on this topic pls.

I fell in love with the active with a pair of 135 on Tweeters and a nap180 on the Woofers of my SBL. It may sound a bit odd, but the life brought by the nap180 (unregulated) on the SBL Woofers, excited me more than the 135 Four Pack.
The adjustment of the Naxo (and the system in general) is simplified and the result is immediately noticeable, speed, contrast, accuracy, PRAT… everything makes me happy with this configuration.


I have to agree with you Crifo. The configuration with the 135s on the HF and the 180 on the LF was very engaging on your system. I am looking forward to hear your “Four Pack” once it has settled in.

For now I take advantage of Crifo’s 180 on the LF of my system, having my 250 on the HF. This mix of amplifiers also works very well. Very engaging, with lots of PRAT. The way I love it.
I am just wondering what a second 250 would bring as changes. As I will have to decide which amp to by after Crifo gets his 180 back.

MArco :tophat:

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