Mk1 SBL crossover service

Morning Peeps.

Just acquired a very nice pair of walnut mk1 SBLs. Would like to get the crossovers serviced. Class A have declined. So it’s between Wilmslow Audio and Witchhat.

I’ve used Witchhat before but they have a waiting list till mid Jan.

Had anyone used Wilmslow Audio and what were they like?

Many thanks


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Wilmslow Audio have been around for quite a while… 50 years +… they say.

Got to be the one to try, IMO… :thinking:

Tom Tom Audio ?

Winchester Hi-Fi serviced the crossovers on my one-time IBL Mk1s.

AFAIK, they do not do servicing …
But if they do - yes.

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Can’t Naim do it?

Or they have parts of Naim speakers ? Or my memory is faulty :grin:

Thanks for the answers everybody. I think I’ll go with Wilmslow Audio. I’ll let you know how it all goes.

Just don’t fancy blowing 2k on new “better” crossovers.


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First check to see if naim have any in stock, they have stopped stocking them before only to re-emerge in stock again, so best ask first.

Also SL2 crossovers work just as well as SBL :slightly_smiling_face:

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Might be a bit late but…Not had anything done by Wilmslow…but I had mine done by Which Hat and just brought them back to life…really didn’t know what I was missing!

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