MM part on the SN3

How is the experience of the phone part on the SN3 ?

Is it good quality?

I have an Rega P3 with an elyse 2. Tomorrow i’ll get my SN3 and like to connect the vinyl and NDX.

How good is it?

One would hope that it’s of a good standard.

However, I have to say that I find Naim’s decision here rather strange simply because the Stageline run of the back of a SN is such a great solution and comes for MM or MC cartridges. An internal board that only works with MMs seems somewhat limiting in my opinion.

In any event enjoy your vinyl.



Well, I’m hardly an expert, but with my Ortofon Bronze cartridge mounted on a VPI Super Prime Scout turntable, the SN3 phonostage sounds unbelievable. And I’m a lifelong digtal streaming enthusiast. Slowly changing my spots…

With respect @LindsayM, I completely disagree. Sure, everything is better with loads of separate boxes I guess. But besides being prohibitively expensive, it looks fugly in the living room. There’s a lot to be said for the outstanding level of excellence achieved by the SN3 in one single reasonably priced box.


It’s on my to do list once more Fraim levels arrive.
I tend to agree on an integrated phono input being a nice addition, not a deal breaker for most but needing one less box is always welcomed.
I would say the same applies with the headphone output which I find myself using frequently.

I’m now running a Hana SL through an Audio Technica SUT into the MM stage on my SN3 and really enjoying it. I previously had XS2 and Stageline S with the Hana and did try the Stageline on the SN3 but found it lacked the timing of the onboard MM stage.

@perizoqui. Okay completely in favour of integrated one box solutions. I just think the SN3 (superb amp) would be smarter if you could have the phono boards changed for different cartridge loadings.

A SUT may be a nice solution when compelled to use an internal MM stage.

I’m not sure but I think the SN3 has the facility to power a Superline or Stageline as well.



Extra box and cables, plus high susceptibility to RFI. Not sure about that…

It’s really good. Using an AT150sa on a Rega P6. Simple.

If I want to use one of my MC carts I put an SUT in line and again, it’s really good.

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