MM phono stage in Supernait 3

3 questions:

  1. is there an answer to which type of cartridge (MM or MC) is best?
  2. Why has the Supernait 3 built in a phono stage solely for MM?
  3. how does one then connect a turntable with MC to a Supernait 3?

Depends on the cartridge. Some say mc is better the more you spend but not always the case.
That’s the chipset that was used.
Either a step up transformer feeding the built in mm stage, or a dedicated mc stage into another input socket.


do you feel Naim is making a call for MM, not MC?

No. It’s suggesting that at the lower end of the market a tt tends to be fitted with an mm cart and the user will tend to be happy to use a built in stage. If you are spending mc money (and i mean perhaps £1000 or more) then you are more likely to want to spend for a dedicated phono stage. I have mc and spent a fair amount on my phono stage. I know someone who has spent significantly more.

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Steve Sells said “ We’ve gone for a fixed moving magnet – this way we can do a really sweet little stage, and not need switches for different modes, all of which get in the way of the sound.”

So it’s not a value judgement about MM/MC, just the way of making the stage simple.

It’s much harder to make an mc stage that’s quiet inside an integrated without impacting on performance, especially an integrated with a transformer the size of the one in the Supernait, so sticking to MM makes sense. There’s still a powered AUX2 socket should you wish to use an off board Stageline, Prefix, or Superline MC stage.


i have my answers. thanks to you all.


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I use my SN3 with an original, but rebuilt and improved, Rega Apheta with a Cinemag based SUT and it sounds great. It’s a great phono pre.

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