Sorry, not Claudia, Elle etc but ships. I’d like to build a kit of HMS Victory - do any of the modelling fraternity have any suggestions. I’m looking for something that produces a good result but not necessarily 100% realistic (I.e. accepting that some kits will have to make compromises). I don’t mind plastic or wood (possibly a better finish?) - but I am limited to the size I can display, so nothing bigger than about 35 - 40 cm long.

I’m not a beginner but much as I’d like to, spending the rest of my life on the Caldercraft Victory is out on both size and complexity grounds.

As a supplementary question - Occre or Mantua models have been suggested - does anyone have any experience of these?

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Hi Johns

As a first step have a look on Scalemates, this will let you know what models were produced, you can also download the instructions for most so you can see how detailed they are
Hopefully this will give you a shortlist, then it’s onto the bay to try and find them


I remember a friend at prep school built a model of HMS Victory. IIRC it was an Airfix kit. It took hime ages, but the result was very impressive indeed.

I built the Airfix “HMS Victory” in my early teens……over fifty years ago.

I feel old!


I did wonder about Airfix, I recall their aeroplane kits were always pretty good, but I don’t know what their kits are like now…must check the local shop.

Thanks for the Scalemates tip, I’ll check that as well. I think if I can find a wooden one I’ll go there just because it will make a change from plastic and white metal, but we’ll see.

I don’t think they are in the same league as Caldercraft. IIRC one of my Airfix masts was bent……(or that may have been the Airfix Cutty Sark…… :laughing: :laughing: )

Wooden kit :+1:t2:

Billings Models 1/75 HMS Victory Wooden Boat Kit

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Brill…those were the days, sadly

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Nice! And inspirational…I’ll start measuring up the garden.

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Looks great - but despite AndyP’s idea, it’s a bit big for me at 134cm.

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Moving slightly away the original question but keeping with the theme
Coming back to modelling fairly recently after a 40 year gap, the differences are monumental

Paint - is now acrylic not enamel and a seemingly endless variety of colours

Glue - the Tamiya extra thin quick dry is designed to be spread over the top of the seams once the 2 parts have been pressed together, the idea being is the fine glue will infiltrate between the 2 parts and set and any residue will evaporate- this I’ve found to be pretty much the case- it’s handy to have a non quick drying version as well

The models - these are generally much more detailed and more info ie with planes it’s normal to be given the name of the actual pilot

Manufacturers- most have moved towards more detail, new releases are exactly that but quite e few companies just re-release old models Eastern Europe are pretty big with models and quite a lot represent high quality

Decals - used to be around 10 or so for a 1/72 plane, these have dramatically increased and require more planning, a while ago I did a EE Lightning that had 130 decals, tooth picks are a must

P/E - photo etched parts, mostly from Eduard, look at Super Hobby and the bay, these provide that extra detail both inside and out, this puts your model head and shoulders above the rest, although at a price, a £15 model could have another £40 of P/ E parts

Masks - these are available for most canopies, it’s a must fairly easily canopies can have clean cut lines
The masks are also worth buying for complicated camouflage schemes such as the Russian digital

Airfix- used to be just middle of the road in quality, their new releases are top notch

Eduard - especially the profi packs rather than weekend, these are exceptional when it comes to detail