Modern Flat Screen TV with RCA Analog Outs?


I have been around a while but have never posted on this forum.

I bought the Nait50 and am happy with it through my digital resources including the Chord Hugo TT2. I would be happier if the TV would connect right out of the TV via an RCA output.

For the life of me, I can not find a modern TV which has an analog out that I can access via my RCA cables. I have googled and been to Best Buy in the US. They do not know of one.

Does anybody here know of such a tv?

Choose the tv that best suits your viewing requirements and has an HDMI out, purchase a hdmi to rca adaptor (plenty on the big river) which will do the conversion for you - you will only need l+r audio. An adaptor powered by usb, might be possible to power from tv itself. IMHO they work well, using a similar device to obtain audio from Apple tv box, the adaptors are quite small.

I’m guessing you don’t have a spare optical input on the chord? Otherwise use that for the tv, setting the tv output to pcm stereo.

My LG C series tv can set the headphone out as either headphone or analogue out. 3.5mm stereo plug to RCA in on my Atom. Sounds fine.

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Thanks for the help everybody. I have the TV hooked up through the Hugo TT2 into the Nait50. Everything sounds great. I found a cheap optical cable from Best Buy into the Hugo.

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