MoFi Studiodeck + turntable overview

A MoFi Studiodeck turntable with MoFi Studiotracker mm cart for loan for the weekend, to see if i liked it. Like as in fun sounding with toe tapping but also with refinement qualities. I tested it against my cheappie Rega P1 with Carbon mm.

Set up: Naim SU, Rega fono mm mk3 (100 pF capacity, ideal for Carbon and Studiotracker carts), Neat Motive sx2.

Music: Thomas Dolby track dissidents, Flock of seagulls album Listen, Supertramp album Famous Last words, The Adventures album The sea of love, Yazz album Wanted :joy: (i like the track the only way is up).

Mofi Studiodeck+ pros and cons:

  • very mature balance, open 3D sound, fruity, full, firm bass, clear mids/treble, but it is also fun sounding with footh tapping qualities without listening fatique. No pitch or hum issues. 10 inch tonearm makes everything sound clean and pure. This is really a great TT.
  • tonearm has VTA and azimuth settings
  • shock absorbing feeth are heigth adjustable
  • buildquality
  • gorgeus dark lid
    -rather high price in the Netherlands (1800 euro)
  • rather big (plint is 35X50 cm)

Rega P1 with Carbon mm:

  • for a 379 euro TT kid it has very good SQ and get up and go qualities
  • clear, open, light, clean and airy with toe tapping SQ
  • the mids seems a bit more bright than with MoFi
  • cheap
  • good looking
  • not as full or mature/natural and open/3D as the Mofi, especially (sub)bass that lacked some momentum
  • it sounded somewhat digital compared to the MoFi
  • pitch is stable but not as good as the MoFi

Really liked the MoFi. It is a good combi with Naim, Rega fono mm and my SQ likings. It is just better in almost area than the P1, but Q comes at a price.

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MoFi_Studiodeck_+ pic


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