Mogami 3082

Has anyone used Mogami 3082 with CB or Olive power amps. Is it safe or should I use it on a 250DR?

The specs say 253pF/m and inductance at 0.4µH/m so for 5m that is 1265 pF and 2 µH


Its not ideal, 5m with only 2uH is the problem, its well below the recommended 3.5uH
(3.5m) minimum. The C is a bit too high & that can also cause issues
Whatever its a coax & these are not ideal for connecting the Naim amps & conventional speakers and for this reason alone I would not go fot it even if L & C were OK.

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The main problem is that the plugs stick out too far and prevent Naim speaker positioning. Worked with no other problems but they have to go back


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