Mojo2/Poly to preamp

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Does anybody know if I can connect my Mojo2/Poly directly to my NAC 282 preamp? I would like to compare the sound of them with my NDX2 (using both with Roon). I think I will need a jack to stereo RcA type of cable.

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You’ll need a 3.5mm jack to 2 x RCA Phono, or better, to DIN5 interconnect.

This is the Naim 3.5mm jack to DIN5 interconnect, and it works very nicely indeed with Naim kit. I use one of these two connect my Ponoplayer (set to line out) to one of the Naim systems and it sounds great.


Thanks Richard!!

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Already tried it connected through an Audioquest 3.5 jack- Rca cable and worked smoothly. Saddly, even though the Poly/Mojo2 plays DSD 256, with Roon only works at 128. Still the sound is just amazing. I onky tried DSD files, and maybe the sound was deeper and more natural than the NDX2, I have to say

That’s quite a giant killing act!

I originally bought a 2nd hand mk1 Mojo for headphone duties. Tried it through my XS3 and thought it sounded excellent through my main system too!

I’ve since bought a mk1 Hugo for permanent connection to my XS3. It is fed by a Primare NP5. It’s so good, beats the Mojo into headphones (didn’t back 2 back test then through the XS3). The Hugo is good in particular given how reasonably they go for. If you get the chance give a Hugo a try :wink:

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hold down the two volume balls on power up to set line level output when connecting to amp.

Yes that’s 3volt. I used to knock it back 4 clicks to 2v as I found the gain a bit high on my Nait XS.
Another lover of the chord / Naim mix here though. I moved up to 2go/Hugo2 into a Supernait 3 and it’s fantastic. It’s pretty much my end game for me in terms of outlay / performance.


Richard, is this cable still available from Naim? Where can I order one or buy one if it is?

I don’t know. Best ask your dealer.

I have a Chord Company one, the one I have is an iChord (white cable).


Another option would be Chord Clearway Analogue DIN, you’d probably have to request a source end 3.5mm jack, typically comes in DIN or RCA terminations. Chord via a dealer can probably make one up.

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I recently replaced my Hugo2 with a Mojo2 for headphones duties. The Mojo2 sounds better than the Hugo2 to me. I was very surprised by this but my dealer agrees saying the only reason to get the Hugo2 is if you have difficult to drive headphones.

You can pickup open box Mojo2’s for 399, an absolute bargain!

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