Mojo2/Poly to preamp

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Does anybody know if I can connect my Mojo2/Poly directly to my NAC 282 preamp? I would like to compare the sound of them with my NDX2 (using both with Roon). I think I will need a jack to stereo RcA type of cable.

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You’ll need a 3.5mm jack to 2 x RCA Phono, or better, to DIN5 interconnect.

This is the Naim 3.5mm jack to DIN5 interconnect, and it works very nicely indeed with Naim kit. I use one of these two connect my Ponoplayer (set to line out) to one of the Naim systems and it sounds great.


Thanks Richard!!

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Already tried it connected through an Audioquest 3.5 jack- Rca cable and worked smoothly. Saddly, even though the Poly/Mojo2 plays DSD 256, with Roon only works at 128. Still the sound is just amazing. I onky tried DSD files, and maybe the sound was deeper and more natural than the NDX2, I have to say

That’s quite a giant killing act!

I originally bought a 2nd hand mk1 Mojo for headphone duties. Tried it through my XS3 and thought it sounded excellent through my main system too!

I’ve since bought a mk1 Hugo for permanent connection to my XS3. It is fed by a Primare NP5. It’s so good, beats the Mojo into headphones (didn’t back 2 back test then through the XS3). The Hugo is good in particular given how reasonably they go for. If you get the chance give a Hugo a try :wink:

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hold down the two volume balls on power up to set line level output when connecting to amp.

Yes that’s 3volt. I used to knock it back 4 clicks to 2v as I found the gain a bit high on my Nait XS.
Another lover of the chord / Naim mix here though. I moved up to 2go/Hugo2 into a Supernait 3 and it’s fantastic. It’s pretty much my end game for me in terms of outlay / performance.


Richard, is this cable still available from Naim? Where can I order one or buy one if it is?

I don’t know. Best ask your dealer.

I have a Chord Company one, the one I have is an iChord (white cable).


Another option would be Chord Clearway Analogue DIN, you’d probably have to request a source end 3.5mm jack, typically comes in DIN or RCA terminations. Chord via a dealer can probably make one up.

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