Momentary pause at the start of every Tidal track

All firmware is up to date and it is not a log in problem. It is a gap at the start of every track and very irritating to say the least.
Any ideas?
This might help if you haven’t done the very latest update. (2 days)

Thanks but as stated all firmware up to date

David to enable the best response from others with similar kit and using Tidal, it is always useful to simply say what f/w version you are using for your NDS and Muso.
Even very learned members of the forum have been caught out, eventually adding the details only to admit or it is pointed out, a later version might be available. There is a further aspect, to help other members of the community, when this thread appears on search, there is a reference point to the firmware version.
FWIW, I have a first gen SU and I have not noticed this issue with Tidal.

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HI there,

Naim App 6.3, NDS 4.8

Was there not something about having to log out and log back in again after doing a firmware update on older streamers ?

Thanks but I have done so

Perhaps worth playing direct through headphones off laptop/phone. That way (if it still happens) it’s more likely to be a Tidal issue than a Naim issue.

If it doesn’t happen that way, then more likely to be something with Naim ?

It doent happen if I use Roon! So it is Naim

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