Monitor audio platinum 200 3g with SN3

Hi every one, dose any one have or tried that match?
Is it a good mach , dose the SN3 can control this 4 ohms speakers.

Trying again, anyone ???

I dont think you have any issue actually making the speakers work with an SN3 as the SN3 can drive drive loads down to 2 Ohms (according to the specification on the NAIM site) - however is this a good match - I dont really think so as the MA 200 really needs better amplification - but if the intent is to upgrade the SN3 to a separate pre+power then it’s a good enough stepping stone

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Hi @Vaksil, I had the Monitor Audio 300 6G for quite a while, they are 8 ohm and my SN3 had no trouble at all with them. It also had no trouble driving my current 4 ohm speakers.

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how was the match for your opinion

Very good imo, MA don’t seem to have much love on here for some reason, I found they performed far better than their price might suggest. Good bass, lovely mid range and treble … and they were fast, very fast. They could get a bit congested with complex music and a slight harshness at very high volume levels … the Platinum range should improve on that. I guess it depends on the types of music you listen to and at what volume etc.
There are some on here with MA speakers that may chime in.

Are you not able to try them at home, that’s really the only way to make sure?

Yeah, I agree not so much love here for MA

i am a KEF man and never looked up on the MA either

but there is something with the new platinum, i don’t think they sound like the other MA series

Iam trying to check them at home

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Funnily enough a week last Saturday I swapped speakers for a pair of Platinum 200 3G. The first amplifier I used them with was a SuperNait 3. Anyway, yes the SN3 is able to grip and drive the speakers perfectly well.

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The PL 200 3G’s are significantly better with a New Classic NAP 250/NAC 332 however in the meantime a SN3 can still do a sterling job.

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Maybe you had a chance also to drive the kef ref 1 with the SN3 , and can write was some impressions

Sorry I’ve not heard this combination.

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