Monitor Audio Platinum PL300 II

Help Advice please. Has anyone tried Monitor Audio platinum PL II with your nap 250dr.
I know they need a hefty amp to drive them so may end up getting the 300dr later, I currently have 282 / super cap Dr and nap 250dr and currently using 25 year old monitor Audio Studio 50s which I’m pleased with but feel I could do better given their age now. You just don’t hear of naim & Monitor audio together on here but I think they look stunning and have read that they are a fantastic sounding speaker but not sure if they’re more suited to movies than music.
It’s going to be a leap in the dark if I go for them as can’t audition so the only thing I’ve got to go on is based on my existing speakers they should be better.?
My Room is 5m x 4m with ceiling height at 2.8m carpet down on floorboard’s and long curtains solid walls

I’ve had the MA gold 100 5G which are part of the series below Platinum…and they were excellent . Super build quality and sound. I expect the Platinum range to be even more presentable.
Built in China?….but what isn’t….apart from Naim !!!

Movies or music?..…they are 100% for sound, wherever it come from .

I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

@NigelB had a pair of Monitor . Maybe these, don’t remember.

I auditioned a pair of the Platinum 300 PII’s last year - they sounded fantastic and look amazing, but required a bit too much space around them for my room (5m*8m). Probably the most present bass I’ve ever heard in a speaker that price point.

The replacement (300 3G) were also really nice, although I preferred the aesthetics of the PII;s…

Thanks for your replies. I’ve had a number of different speakers over the years and have enjoyed the monitor audio studio 20se I purchased new in 1999 and Later upgraded to the studio 50s but have only just since covid started the Naim journey and didn’t want to come away from the monitor Audio brand. So last week I took an educated guess that I would be happy with a set of platinum 300 PLii and picked up a brand new set of gloss black one at a price I couldn’t resist, I’ve been listening to them non stop now for 5 days and they sound absolutely fantastic. Not so sure I need to rush out and pick up a nap 300dr too soon but it’s definitely my next upgrade. Need to run them in for a bit longer before I decide. I was initially worried that my listening room was too small at 5m x 4m with a fairly high ceiling height at 2.7 but I’m getting used to it. Just can’t go to loud. But at some point I will move the system into a larger room to see what changes.