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Anyone heard the larger passive models? Am thinking SCM 100 & 150. With 552 / 500 in large room. Any input appreciated.

Only listened to the 150 in an active set up. Effortless and engaging at the same time was my take away from that demo. I totally expected to be overawed by bass, but that was not the case at all.

Superb speakers.

Noticed you are straying away from Kudos, any reason ?

Thanks for reply. Just a little curious about trying something different, really. No particular concern with the T88s but heard good things in the ATC, Wilson Benesch and Dynaudio rooms at the Bristol show recently and it got me thinking…

The only time I’ve heard ATC Classic passives with Naim amplification was at the Acoustica show a couple of years ago . They had some ASL 50’s with a really nice NDS based system and I think the amp was a NAP 300 but it could have been a 500 . There were a lot of people in the room while they were playing Dark Side of the Moon so I couldn’t get a close look . It sounded very nice indeed .
There’s an excellent review of Passive 50’s powered by a NAP 500 from Hifi Critic on the ATC website which might help you get an idea of larger models .

Thanks, Pete, yes, saw that review. Might try to arrange a demo when things settle down.

I remember a thread on the old forum of a search for speakers for a 552/500 setup, Mass was the OP’s handle I think. It ended with the purchase of EL150s, I think he had a lot of space to fill somewhere north of the border. The only good looking ATCs there are to my view, not that that’s everything. Last I saw he’d swapped out the Naim for top Chord so it can’t have been that good a match. This was well before the Statements were launched so no DR either.

Sounds good , I really like the 100’s and if I ever have a bit more space I would be very tempted .

Thanks both. Will report back (eventually). In meantime, if anyone else has experience of these, please pipe up…

I had the SCM100 at home (with 552 + 500) for about 6 weeks. I was underwhelmed and preferred my B&W 802D2s. Then someone on this forum said “You have to try them active before you send them back”. Long story short… converted them from passive to active, fed from the NAC552. Fanbloodytastic
Kept hold of them. Wouldn’t let my dealer take them back until my own pair arrived.
That was 2 1/2 years ago… haven’t looked back. Dealer took the 802s & the NAP500, of course.

So, @billyrubin, go for it, BUT do not rule out the active version - I guarantee you’ll surprise yourself (with both performance and price) :flushed: :partying_face:.

Oh, and the 150’s - sorry, never heard them, so can’t offer an opinion (even though that doesn’t stop a few folk :joy: )

It was this event and demo that got me to consider SCM50s although I went active in the end. You have a good memory for the rest of the setup, superb system and i seem to recall some of the other pieces of music played during the day were very good too

I remember that show, I think it was NDX/XPS/252/300/SCM50. Sounded great to me, in fact I preferred it to the active SCM100 system in the next room, which was a surprise.

equally impressive was the Auralic/40A setup one room further on…

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That sounded really poor when I was in there! Mind you, there was a guy from Auralic there who was telling us how MP3s sounded just as good as any other format, which didn’t inspire confidence. Still, I was underwhelmed.

That room cost me a lot of money!


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I also heard the passive SCM 50s and Naim setup at the 2018 Acoustica show - excellent system, brilliant synergy. So, so musical.

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Me too !!

That can be the problem with rooms at shows and timing . I really liked that room and was given a pretty thorough demonstration of the advantages of Qobuz Hi-Res streaming. I was also lucky to have the room to myself for about 10 minutes which helped . I have since tried that system at home and loved it .I’m currently waiting for the Vega G2.1 to arrive which is more of an updated model chassis wise rather than an upgraded version.

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