More IT Advice Please - Furniture This Time!


I’m starting an OU course in the next few weeks and will be purchasing a new iMac which I will have in my what was dining room adjacent to lounge which means with doors open I’ll be able to listen to R3 on my Nat 05/main system while working. I’m going to need a new desk I see some, potentially, really clever ones around on FB with USB points etc but really am green on this.

Ideas and suggestions please?



Hi @LindsayM,

Personally I would not buy a desk with USB points etc as they will likely go out of date, fall behind technologically, fail or whatever. I bought my desk from an office furniture supplier. It is made of good quality materials and was surprisingly affordable with fast free delivery. They also provide a good range of sizes, mine is 100cm wide x 60cm deep x 72cm tall. Not sure if posting a link is allowed but happy to pass details via Richard/IM is you want. I’m sure you are already aware but getting a good chair is also very important. I also use a floor protector that I found on a famous Scandi furniture site that works to protect both wood and carpet flooring from desk chair wheels, very good value at £27. Search for Kolon on their website.

Good luck with the course. I’ve done quite a few myself over the years.

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