More of XS2 sound

Hi All,
I run XS2 with HC2DR and Proac D2Rs and love the sound. Very much.
When I tried to switch to SN3 I went back to XS2 because the sound was more clear and velvety… less massive than with the SN3.
I do feel that the speakers can give more…
Should I add NAP and use XS2 as a pre to get more of this wonderful sound?
I will probably look for 2nd hand DR - which NAP should I look for?


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Why do you think adding a NAP will give you more of the XS2 sound

Surely all that will do is push it in the direction of a SN3 ?

Just a thought


I’d look at improving source :slight_smile:


I, too, have an XS2 and could not hear the difference when auditioning the XS2 and SN2 at the time.

I run a CD5XS, XS2, FCXS and a Linn 12. I am not familiar with the Proac D2R, though they look like an excellent speaker with the components they use.

If I have missed it, may I ask what source you are using, please? Possibly an ND5XS2 or the NDX 2 might be a suggestion. However, I do love playing vinyl and CDs.

Warm regards,

Mitch in Oz.

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You have a nicely balanced system Mitch :+1:

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Thank you, Bevo. I am dwarfed by your system and appreciate the compliment.

Mitch in Oz.

Hi Ronmaik

Interesting observation for sure. I had your same setup XS2/HiCapDR and went to the SN3. I’m curious about your source as it could be the issue. I love my SN3/HiCapDr combo to be honest. I also was really impressed with the SN3 by itself when my HiCapDr was being serviced.

XS2/HC2DR/CD5si/Bluesound with Chord Qutest/Thorens TD148 with Goldring and Cyrus phono stage

I suspect that any amp change might not work out for you if you like the xs2. You could try supernait 2 (not 3) or 202/200 (with napsc) but you might have found your sweet spot already.


It’s SuperNait 1 (with your current hicap dr) or 252/Supercap which will give you the sound signature you look for.

I assume that it’s the warmth or full bodied sound you like.

I agree to Robert that you might have found your spot already. If you want to spend something, you can also consider a service for your xs2.

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I will try to better explain.
Now I have the XS2 which I like but feel that I can get more (always).
Tried to switch to SN3 but liked the sound of the XS2 better - more clear, detailed, refined.
So my thought was to enhance it with a power amp by using the XS2 as a pre and in later stage replace the XS2 with a natural pre.

Upgrading the amp section alone Is hardly successful. I’ d leave It unchanged or upgrade to NAC/NAP separetes

I’d disagree with this one. Most boring Naim amp ever, IMO. The original XS was much superior, so unless the XS2 has gone backwards I can’t imagine this working out. I’d advise at least a listen before contemplating this.

P.S.: are we talking about the brushed fascia XS-2 or the actual XS2 in this thread?

Not a terrible idea, but I’d say you could already replace it with a 72/140 for an easy and cheap upgrade. You can then move up with separates whenever.

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Taking everything into consideration I will backoff from adding NAP to the XS2.
Will try to look for SN2 or NAC/NAP combo.
Promise to update…:crossed_fingers:


I added a nac 202 and use xs2 as power amplifier , the soundstage is deep , it let the instruments to breath . I can hear the message of the music (I’m not good enough to use with words that the audiophile people use) but it was a real gain for me. It’s itching me now to go for a nac 282 but first I need to replace the xs2 against a nap and then 282 :slightly_smiling_face:


You have a hicap so you could upgrade to eg 202/napsc/hicap into your xs2 power amp input (use existing snaic 4 & 5 you don’t need other cables). Then later replace xs2 with nap200. This is a perfectly good upgrade path unless you have the full budget for a 202, napsc and 200.

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The SN3 is generally found a bit more refined vs the SN2.
I would advise a Nac 282 / Hicap or 202/ Hicap as first upgrade. Then adding later a Nap power amp, like 200 or 250 dr.
Most took this route when upgrading from SN2 .

So other way around… instead of turning my XS2 to a pre and bring a power amp turn it to a power amp and bring a pre…
Does it really separate the sounds and add depth?
What is the function of the napsc?

Is there a diagram that shows how it all connects?

Yes it does, but the problem is that you need a 252 and supercap to get the sound you like with the XS2. The 282 is more active / forward sounding and the 202 is only a minor step up.

Give that your current setup is nicely balanced, it will cost serious money to get seriously better :slight_smile:

(we love spending other peoples money)