More powerful and dynamic amp than NAP 135s

Spot on!

Gosh, that’s a really lovely looking Olive system you have.


My thoughts exactly Richard.

Is that a CD player top left stack?

Slightly off original topic but should just require a quick yes OR no answer.

Can 135’s be DR’d ???


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Yes- CDS2

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Never forget the magical synergy between the 552/ 500 DR :yum: ATB Peter

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I have always found it very difficult to get the Olive and the Reference series to play well together
But I guess it depends on how revealing the set up is.
Sources are never a issue But the other olive and black boxes were.
I even tried 135’s on a 272 - 555 Dr.
The 135’s had been recapped in the end I sold them and replaced them with a 300 Dr

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