More radio stream stops than I am used to over the last week or so

My qb first generation has wworked fine after I switch from my ISP router router to a dedicated wireless accesspoint. Over the last week however my rradio stations have stopped playing for no good reason. Starting and stopping the stream usually does not help and there are no low buffer issues it seems. playing the same streams bbc radio 4 international streams or using the Danish Dr radio apps will work fine over airplay and has not stopped when I have used that as the solution. Am I the only one experiencing these stops when using native internet radio on qb. My wired 555 has had one or two similar stops but on other channels so hard to compare.

I usually have no problems streaming native internet radio on my QB1.
The fact you’ve changed part of your network (switch from your ISP router to a dedicated wireless access point) might suggest that may have caused a problem.
Did you swap to the wireless access point for a particular reason?
Is the access point hard wired back to your router/modem?
Have you rebooted everything?

No the change solved all previous problems and happened years ago so not related at all. If this was network related why would airplay then wwork without problems. The same happened this morning so problem/behavior not gone away.

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