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Contemplating complete or partial AV system upgrades - can anyone recommend a great sub for movie/tv duties only, probably up to £1k. Room is 5x6m, high vaulted ceiling.

BK Subs. I use the xxls400 sealed for movie and music, it is excellent and very fast. If it is for movies only then you could look at their Monolith.

If you speak to them they will do mods, and in my case they didn’t charge. I had the xover frequencies moved AND they added an auto off after 30 min of no signal.

Highly recommended.

I also use MJ Acoustic subs. They are more expensive but are also good. But BK get my vote, superb VFM and quality.

MJ Acoustics and BK are similar, but are completely different manufacturers. The difference is that MJ use better components that are matched and tested more thoroughly. You pay more, but if you want quality bass, this is the route to go. I use the MJ Ref 100 and find it excellent. Before this, I had another earlier model of the Ref 100 for about 12 years and it worked faultlessly. I can’t stress enough the importance of very good cables for the sub and that includes the power cable and fuse. The difference is not just deeper bass, but tight refined sound that fills the room. Breaking Bad is being currently talked about on a couple of threads now. The short theme music played at the start sounds very, very impressive in my room.

Sorry for spotting this question late. I’d put in a recommendation for B&W, and particularly the PV1D. I know there are issues with magazine awards, but the PV1D won Best Sub for so many years in a certain magazine that they abolished the category as redundant.

I’ve ‘made do’ with an ASW675 for nearly 20 years which is quite marvellous. Currently rewatching The Two Towers and being reminded just how muscular yet smoothly-integrated it is.


thanks all. After hearing views here and on other forums, have gone for 2 SVS PC2000 pro’s. Should make a difference…

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