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Hey there. I currently have Supernait 2 and NDX2 playing through Spendor D9’s and can’t love it all enough and can’t imagine it sounding better. Just one thing, I’ve learned, it can always be better. It’s yours and my sickness in the world of chasing the Holy Grail.

Not interested in changing out my Spendors nor do I think I need to change the NDX2. That leaves the SN2 which also has a XPS. Question I’m posing is what do I need to jump to without jumping too much. Got to leave room to jump more down the road. Budget is around 5 to 6g in used equipment pricing.

Looking forward to suggestions. In the mean time I’m going to listen my outstanding system. :grin::notes:

Sell XPS. Buy PS555DR and Hicap DR.


I’m assuming you have a XPS DR on the NDX 2. Have you tried the HiCap DR on the SN2. Other items you may wish to look at is the interconnect between the NDX 2 and SN 2. I added a Hi-Line and was pleased with the uplift and also recently added an English Electric 8Switch which was a nice upgrade as well. There is also the possibility of moving to the SN 3 which some have reported is an upgrade over the SN 2, or you may be interested in adding a turn table.

Good luck with you decisions and have fun along the way…

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Thanks for the suggestions. What’s is English Electric 8Switch and it’s value?

Uh-oh :slight_smile:


It is a network switch that is sold by Chord and does come with a network cable which is meant to go from the switch to the NDX 2 streamer. You will find a thread regarding the English Electric 8Switch here.

I held off for months then I called my dealer and he them in stock and gave me a new one to demo. From the moment I plugged it in I heard an improvement. Within a couple of weeks I called him and gave him my credit card number over the phone.

That is my experience, my system in my room with my ears. Check it out but there are many comments regarding the switch in the thread I mentioned above.

Understood. I went for it when I realized I was using a $40 switch. Also,
Noticed a big diff with better Ethernet cables too.

At used prices you could sell the Supernait and get 282/Hicap/250. Forget messing about with your network and get a real upgrade that will transform your system.

I assume you meant that you have an XPS powering your NDX2, as it can’t power an amp. If so, your source is plenty good enough to front a 282/250.


:point_up: this right here :point_up:

Thanks. I’ll check them out.

I’ve the same system, but with a HiCAP. I’ve added the Superlumina interconnect and speaker cables and the Power Lines. I’m swapping out the SN2 for a used 252/SC and new 250. Your budget would get close to that with trade ins. I’d keep the NDX 2 and XPS DR, which is a great source that will get you through the whole classics range of amps.

Have fun :sunglasses::musical_score::guitar:


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