Moving Canada to UK

I have a Unitilite and Unitiqute bought in Canada and am moving to the UK.
I would like to take them with me.
Will they function as is when plugged into the mains supply?
What would I have to do for them to work in the UK?

Thanks for any help

You will have to get them modified by Naim to work on the UK mains power which is 240V rather than the 120V in North America. Otherwise they should work fine.

But it may be more cost effective to sell them in Canada and buy again on the secondhand market in the UK. There is no shortage of pre-used Naim kit in UK.




Mike you should consult with Naim before taking them with you. Some transformers can be rewired by the factory from 115V/60Hz to 230V/50Hz, however, some can’t and would require a new transformer (read: expensive). I have a feeling that the Uniti series use transformers that can’t be rewired but best check with Naim to be sure.

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If a company move, which mine was to Germany, costs like this were possibly covered, even though I didn’t need it. UK-De , just a thought if it was.

Hi mamarsh & welcome!

The Unitilite & Qute both have rewirable transformers, so no need to replace. The internal primary windings need to be reconfigured, the case fuse & voltage stickers changing & a new power cable.

However, the tuner module(s) also have different de-emphasis (50µs for UK, 75µs for US), so FM will not sound correct unless these are also replaced & reconfigured.


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You can’t move Canada to the UK.

Canada is VERY BIG and the UK is very small, it won’t all fit in!


Great stuff, thanks for confirming that they can be rewired, Neil.

Second largest after Russia. (IIRC)

Thanks for the replies.
At least I know what is involved now, maybe time to consider selling and picking something up over there.

And thanks Xanthe for making me smile.

The other thing you can is to obtain 115 to 230v transformers. They are readily available.

Disagree, it’s been confirmed the traffo’s can be rewired to 230v 50Hz (a very simple low cost change compared to buying a supply transformer)
The problem is, no matter what way you change the voltage, it does not solve the tuner de-emphasis issue.

I suspect selling in Canada and buy new/used in UK is the way to go


The price in UK is less expensive vs the Canadian price.

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I know of a couple who are moving to Canada. No idea if they use Naim gear but maybe you could do a deal?!?!!


They probably can’t afford Naim :joy::joy::joy:


Who can?


Internal rewiring is likely best for long term living now that it’s confirmed possible, but a 200VA (ie sufficient power for continuous use for your Uniti) step-up / step-down transformer is under $50CDN and not the worst idea to get you started when you first arrive and have too many new things to accomplish before finding time to arrange service. We are doing this with an Atom while my wife is on assignment in Germany, and it is working great: it plugs into the wall, Uniti plugs into it, et voilà!

Congratulations and best wishes for your adventure Mike!

Regards alan

It isn’t simple. The equipment will need to be returned to Naim to be modified and this will take weeks, whereas an external transformer can be ordered online and delivered to the OP’s new address. The OP is moving from Canada, not a few miles up the road. On top of everything else, he is going to have enough on his plate as it is. Also, the OP can have balanced windings in the transformer bringing benefits that go with that.

As for the FM de-emphasis, well, I wouldn’t even bother with that.

The other issue is resale value in the UK if/when you choose to upgrade or trade in - unmodified Canadian units will have little value here.

Indeed, however 40.7 UKs could fit into Canada

Gosh I didn’t know there were 39.7 other ones.:smile:

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