Moving from 72/HC/140 to a NAIT XS3

in the mood to simplify my current system (72/140 / HC / CDX) I was thinking of buying a nait xs3 and a cd5si or cd5xs.
I would like to know if the phono stage of the xs3 is suitable for the dynavector 10x5 that I am going to install on my Sondek / karousel / ittok / lingo3 and if the xs3 can safely drive the kudos x2.

Making the assumption that the inbuilt phonostage in the XS3 is similar to the Stageline N, I would say yes.

thanks, do you think the transition from 72/140 / hc to xs3 is an upgrade or a downgrade, or just a side step?

Very hard for me to say I’m afraid. Hearing 72/140 was my first experience of Naim back in the mid 90s and it was good. I bought into Naim roughly ten years later and by then it was all change. But I have been an advocate for the XS range since it was launched.

Keep the HC maybe.

I think the thing you might find is that you need to turn the wick up a bit if you go with the 10x5 and XS3. At least that is what I found when I had a 10x5 into my Stageline N but it was never a problem for me. Might have been for others. The output of the HOMC 10x5 is less than a modern MM.

Amazing to think that the DV10x5 used to be the Ultimo 10x in the late 1970s. Nice cartridge. I enjoyed my 10x5. Sadly an alcohol related Rolling Stones incident brought about its abrupt demise. You live and learn.

Hope that helps.


You are probably going to need to change your thread’s title if you are going to get meaningful replies about moving from 72/HC/140 to a NAIT XS3.

Richard Dane might be able to do it for you if you ask.

Thanks Chris. I’ve edited the thread title, which should help.

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I’d say a CD5XS, (not entry level 5Si,) is the way to go, add a psu and the player will match CDX level or thereabouts.
Not simplifying I know.
Another solution simply keep the CDX, it matches very well a XS.

I would however think a Supernait is a safer solution rather than XS, not sure its up to your 3-boxes Olive if they are recently serviced.
A Supernait 2 s/h is half price or so… vs SN3, will power up a Stageline phono.
Again, not simplifying, I know, but your Kudos will love the power.

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I would like to have at most two boxes, the supernait 2 would be fine but I would like to avoid the stageline, but I have an S prefix on hand, can it be fine for the Dyna10x5?

Yes, I’ve heard that some recommend using the S with the 10x5. I found the Stageline N and 10x5 to be an unsatisfying combination. A Dynavector P75 phono stage was much better.

As for moving to a Nait: I’d keep what you already have! After all, your 72/HC/140 takes up less real estate than two full sized Naim boxes.


You have an all-time classic. I would stick with what you have.


thank you all, I will keep them. here they are ready for service.


Oh wow. They’re all late serial numbers AND you have the boxes?? Keeping them is definitely the right move. No doubt they’ll sound amazing after a service and will probably appreciate in value too.

my OCD forbids me to buy anything without the original box.
Consider that I switched to the olive system (before I had 62 / HC / 250 CB) just to match the color of the CDX

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My experience is that the 72/140/HC is significantly better than the the SN2 I had.


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