Moving Uniti Atom from 115v to 230v country

I have a Uniti Atom that I bought a number of years ago and love. I currently live in the US (so, it’s running at 115v) and am about to move to the EU (so, 230v). The specs say the Atom can handle both but there’s a little orange “115v” sticker on the back of my Atom. So I’m confused: will my Atom work in the EU? Or would I need a different model? And if the latter, is there any sort of add-on that will convert my current model over? Thanks!

If I remember correctly, the change of voltage has to be done by Naim or at least some dealers might be able to change the voltage.
It’s a case of rewiring / using different coils on the transformer and a label change to reflect the “new” voltage.
Basically it’s a dealer / Naim task.

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