Mu-so 1st Gen dreaded red flashing light

My 1st Gen Mu-so has been afflicted by the red flashing LED problem. It’ll generally play anywhere between a few seconds and a few minutes worth from any source, and then pop - red flashing light, all segments on controller flashing as well.

I’ve done the pinhole reset and no change.

Other notable things? This seems to have become progressively worse over recent months. When it first started happening I didn’t look at the LED status and it would go days/weeks absolutely fine after switching off and on again, but now it happens every time. It will also periodically become invisible via wi-fi on the app but always appears after some time and searching.

Did email a couple of weeks ago but not received a response.

Anything else worth trying? Or any other ideas?

Hi that’s not the correct address for Naim, that’s the old tmti address.

Does it work when wired to the router? With the first gen, WiFi is best avoided. If you can’t connect to the router, try wiring it to a wireless access point that includes an Ethernet socket.

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Wired connection is - unfortunately - impractical, although for the sake of seeing if it makes a difference I can move the Mu-so temporarily.

Does seems a bit weird that it would work faultlessly over wi-fi for 6+ years and give up on that front now.

Noted regarding Naim support. I shall send them a message as well.

A trick that might work for you if your router allows it; create a 2.4 ghz only WiFi network and connect the muso to that. Only 2.4 is supported, so when you have a phone working on 5 and the muso is on 2.4, they don’t see each other.
Airplay on my qb gen 1 can be temperamental so I don’t use it. I’d be quite happily streaming via roon over airplay and it would just stop. Iradio always works, and I now stream to it via a raspberry pi that feeds the 3.5mm socket on the back. And this is with a wired connection, I don’t use it with WiFi.

Yeah, sadly not. It’s a BT Smart Hub 2. I did previously have the 5GHz band switched off as it caused all manner of issues with my wife’s old MacBook Air. However, it also then caused all manner of connectivity and speed issues with other devices so after she got a newer Air, I switched 5GHz on again and general device wi-fi performance was much improved.

The issue with the Mu-so was present even when we were only using 2.4GHz.

I think flashing red is a hardware error, so no messing around with WiFi networks will solve that.

Yeah, the manuals do say amp overload or system fault, which is why I’ve also contacted Naim support.

Fingers crossed the Mu-so Qb 1st Gen I also have doesn’t develop a similar issue. :crossed_fingers:

Let us know what Naim say.

My muso 1 plays radio perfectly well but when I play an album it will play one song and stop, very annoying. Suspect any repairs would not be economical given its value is sub £300.


Initial response from Naim is that it is indeed a hardware fault and this needs an inspection at their service centre.

Evidently the retail price for a repair is £199, although nothing can happen till January as the factory is now closed for Christmas.

If that’s the maximum cost and it can be repaired, I’d be inclined to go for it, but if not it will be bye-bye to this particular Mu-so.

Agree, if a couple of hundred gets you back to as new then worth doing.


So, many weeks later, I have my Mu-so back. It was with Naim for probably three to four weeks and is fixed! Hurrah!

The power supply was replaced apparently and so far it is behaving exactly as it should.

Saved me a load of cash compared to buying a replacement, so happy with that, and no longer have to suffer the buffering-prone streaming on Tidal on the Sony TV or via the Bose soundbar. Not to mention the far superior sound quality!

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