Mu So 1st gen, dropping out

You aren’t looking for Bridge mode in the Vodafone router but rather modem mode. And also as Richard says, turn off the WiFi in the Vodafone router. (Bridge mode is something else!)



The Vodafone router doesn’t have a modem or bridge mode. Users on the Vodafone forum suggest replacing it with a Openreach approved modem.

Because I’m WFH at the moment I loathe to do something which may disrupt my broadband.

I emailed Naim support over the weekend.

I just logged in to the Vodafone router and switched wifi off. I also switched my second Mesh unit off. Rebooted everything and tried to set up the Mu So during purple flashing mode but it didn’t work.

I’ve disconnected the Mesh units and one back to using the Vodafone router and extender for the time being.

You only need one DHCP router & one WiFi network and it looks like you have two! Turn off the DHCP and WiFi on the Vodafone router and then reboot all of your devices. You’ll then only have Google WiFi and Google DHCP.

I would say… I only had drop out problems using Spotify after doing Wi-Fi diags, cabling the whole lot etc etc etc
I now use a Combo of Roon and Quboz (Gen 1 so no inbuilt Qubox support - and a large ripped CD collection, and the Roon interface is a delight) and I have never had a drop out since.

I’m no networking expert myself, so I can understand how you feel!
What I’m trying to say is that many home networking devices are able to take overall control of your home network, wired and wireless. It’s important to ensure that only one device does this, otherwise conflicts can occur.
So the usual advice in these circumstances is to disable this function on all but one device, and let that take overall control. Unfortunately, neither Vodafone nor Google devices permit you to disable this feature, so they are not really a good match. If it’s not too late, I would consider returning the Google mesh stuff and buying something that is compatible with your Vodafone router. I’m pretty sure any brand that allows you to run it in ‘bridge mode’ would work. Possibly something from BT, Ubiquiti, Eero or Lynksys Velop, there are plenty to choose from.

An update. I returned the Google Mesh and bought a Netgear Nighthawk X6 mesh extender.

Although the Google Mesh probably delivered better wi-fi around the house I couldn’t get it to work with the MuSo. The Nighthawk works with my Vodafone router and with the MuSo, and because it creates one network, is more convenient than the wi-fi extender plug I had before.

So I appear to be sorted. Thanks for all your helpful comments and suggestions!


If he does that the Google router won’t get an IP address on it’s WAN port as the Vodafone router will not be assigning addresses and there will be no internet available from the ‘Google network’.

This is why modem mode is really needed or alternatively leaving DHCP on will be fine albeit there will be double NAT taking place.

In circumstances like these I have assigned the 2nd router (in this case the Google one) with a fixed IP address and then made that a DMZ. This allows any port forwarding and fancy stuff to be done in one place as the Google router will be connected to an unrestricted network. It’s not ideal but Ok if modem mode is not an option.

The important thing for the OP is to ensure that NO devices are connected to the Vodafone router except for the connection to the ‘Google Network’ and that wireless is disabled on the Vodafone router. Then effectively there will be only 1 network in operation.

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