Mu so 1st gen volume jumps to max when connecting through Airfoil

So this is something I’ve been living with for a few years ever since I started I using Airfoil with my Mu so 1 gen. Nearly always, when I connect from my Mac desktop to my 1st gen Muso via Airfoil (by Rogue Ameoba), the volume jumps to maximum. I was wondering whether anyone else had experienced this?

I also own a Mu so Qb 2nd gen which I use daily, connecting in exactly the same way, ie. through Airfoil from a desktop Mac, but the volume never jumps to max, it always stays wherever I left it.

I did contact the makers of Airfoil, Rogue Ameoba, a few years back when I first noticed the problem. They asked me to send some of the auto generated log files and their response was the following;
Our team’s had a chance to look over the logging and it appears that the device itself is reporting it’s been set to 100%, which is reflected back to Airfoil to jump the volume slider.

So anyway, I thought I’d raise the issue just to see whether anything is know about this and whether there’s anyway to work around it? As a safety precaution I limit the maximum volume of the device through the app to around 30/40%. But recently I was thinking about whether to replace the device for a newer model just to get around this problem.

Thank you

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