Mu-so 1st Generation Firmware- Qobuz

Interested to know if anyone has experience of streaming Qobuz through a 1st generation Mu-so device. Currently use Tidal and all through app. but does appear that 1st-Gen not able to stream Quboz through app whereas read that 2nd gen gets this update.
Any advice appreciated, my first Naim community post.

Hi Michael, unfortunately none of the 1st gen. Naim streamers can support Qobuz. You can use it up to 16/44 with AirPlay, from iOS devices etc.
There are some workarounds, such as using BubbleUPnP server with a third party app, or Roon over a UPnP bridge, if you are up for a bit of tinkering.

Chris, many thanks, this is what I suspected. Think I’ll just stick with Tidal.

If you use BubbleUpnP as the control app you can stream Qobuz (and lots of other services) to a Naim (or any other device) at a resolution depending upon your Qobuz package. I have Qobuz Studio (£14.99pm) which is high res - up to 24/192.

This is a good option for any devices that do not support Qobuz, Tidal, Google Music, Dropbox etc. The app is available on Android and Amazon kindle devices - sadly no Apple.
(AirPlay is resolution limiting so should be avoided.)

I have been using Qobuz for 3 years on streamers that have no native support incl. Naim.
I have been streaming Qobuz via BubbleUPnP to a friends Mu-So 1st Gen this last weekend.

The lack of Qobuz support is a Naim disgrace.

Thanks Paul, not very impressed with the Naim app in any case and would be good to use BubbleUpnP, but alas I’m primarily an Apple OS user. Think just stick with Tidal as it does deliver some good master recordings these days.

Try MConnect HD. I use it very satisfactorily to stream Qobuz from an iPad to a Muso Qb Gen 1 and also a Uniti2, neither of which have or ever will have Naim Qobuz support. You’ll find it on the iOS App Store. I think I learnt about it here first, though i can’t remember from whose posting.



I run BubbleUPnP on an Amazon Fire 7 which costs about £75.

I use an app called Lumin on the iPad that connects through to Qobuz and provides a v satisfactory sq on the 272 and on the Muso.

It’s a bit clunky and slow to respond, but once it’s happening it’s ok.

Is this still correct as another user says the new App runs on his Mu-So 1st Gen - does that include Qobuz? If so why not on the MuSo Qb Gen 1. And why not the Uniti2 ?
This is all part of the confusion of this topic and clarity of Naim future proofing.

Yes of course the new app works on all products, but there is no Qobuz on the 1st gen muso & Qb, the old Unitis or the NDX, NDS & 272 etc. Naim have said on the forum here that if they could have retrofitted Qobuz on the old streamers as well, then they would have done, but there are hardware limitations that make it impossible. (It’s not the app that is the issue, but the individual old streamers, their hardware and their firmware.)

This is still the situation - nothing has changed.



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According to Wikipedia Qobuz launched in 2007 and Tidal in 2014.
You may get Amazon Music in 2040 (only joking).

As stated elsewhere BubbleUPnP gives you Qobuz and others on these “old Naim machines”.

Yes of course there are lots of ways to play Qobuz through any Naim unit but what I meant was that you won’t see Qobuz in the Naim app as a native service like Tidal on the old streamers.



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