Mu-so 2 Airplay 2 password issues

Looking for some help please? I have been using my Mu-so 2nd Gen for some time and over the weekend noticed it started asking me for an Airplay password. I usually connect to the Mu-so using my iPhone using iTunes, but this time it just stopped working, when I reconnect, it asks for a Airplay password. I tried my wife’s iPhone, on the the same iOS level, same problem. I then tried my iPad, which connected, no problem, then within 30 mins stopped playing music and then asked me for an Airplay password. I have factory reset the Mu-so, restarted my iPhone and my Virgin hub to no avail.

I have also gone into the back end interface using the IP address and made sure no Airplay password is entered and left it blank, however it gives me a different message with “Airplay Code - enter the onscreen Code for Mu-so” which I understand is what you usually get when using Apple TV or Youtube, totally baffled why this issue has just come about… It is the Mu-so or iOS related? I can connect via Airplay to other devices like TV’s and AV receiver no problem… I can connect to the Mu-so via Bluetooth.

I’ve not encountered the issue you’re experiencing but, if you haven’t done so already, I’d unplug the Muso for a few minutes, then power it back up and allow it a few minutes to reconnect to your network, then try again.
My internet dropped out yesterday and I had to reboot a couple of devices which had started to do strange things. There are computers involved…

Thanks for your reply. I think I have resolved it now. I actually went for a full reset on the Mu-so, holding the pin in for over 6 seconds. Through the prompts on the app on setting it up, on my network details for Airplay, there is section to fill in a speaker password, this is usually left blank, however I put in a password and now connects. Hopefully this has resolved it.

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When using airplay I had the password issue more than one time, I attributed a simple password for airplay in the home app of the iPhone, and never thought anymore about the issue.

It started to happen on the Denon devices, also with Roon, so adding a known password to airplay is an easy way of dealing with the problem.

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