Mu-so 2 and CD payback via HDMI

I’m not having luck connecting my Sony X1100ES via HDMI to the Mu-so 2.

I was hoping to connect Sony’s HDMI 2 (Audio only) to the Muso and HDMI 1 (Video/Audio) to my TV. But I got no sound.

I tried connecting HDMI 1 to the Muso, but no sound either. Played around with settings on the Sony, no luck.

Connect Muso to the TV, I got sound. Connect Sony to the TV, I got sound. What am I doing wrong? How come I get no sound from Sony to Muso?

You might have to specify the format of the audio out on the Sony - PCM?

See page 23 of the Sony manual to switch the output to PCM. Also, check the HDMI Audio Output settings as per page 26.

Note: HDMI can be funny if the equipment is connected to mains power (even if in standby) when plugging HDMI connectors in and out. Turn off the mains power to all devices you are connecting together.

The Muso 2 accepts DSD. But I did try PCM. Tried SACD DSD layer, normal CD, DVD. Nothing works.

When Sony describe the HDMI output as “Audio only” is it a proper HDMI ARC port? TV manufacturers seem to apply their own non-standard implementations of the HDMI standard with total disregard for compatibility with other brands, and this often seems to cause problems.
In practice it usually seems to be more reliable to connect external devices via the TV so that their sound output reaches the Muso/stereo amp/soundbar regardless of the TV’s input source.

You can try optical out into the 3.5mm socket on the right hand side. Regardless, it must be pcm stereo, the mu-so cannot play any kind of surround sound format.

I also tried the Video/Audio output with no avail. I imaging the Audio Only HDMI out is supposed to output audio, that’s why it’s called Audio Only?

Let me tried connecting the Sony to my TV and TV ARC to the Muso.

Optical will work. But I want to play high res files (up to 192khz) and DSD on the Muso. Additionally, Optical downscales every blu-ray to 16bit 44.1/48khz.

I dont think you can do this via hdmi.

But I can’t even playback CD and other PCM files via HDMI. So basically no sound into the Muso as long as I use HDMI on the Sony player, regardless of file format.

I tried Sony player to TV and TV ARC to Muso. No sound. I tried everything.

Btw, thanks for all the suggestions so far!

HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) is a recognised standard to which some manufacturers conform. Is seems that Sony are being vague about about this if the port is just described as Audio only.
If the TV is set to output PCM stereo it should work into the Muso, either through HDMI ARC or optical.

The Mu-so will only work with a HDMI ARC connector, which is only found on a TV. Therefore, the standard HDMI output on your player will never work. Use the optical output on the player to connect to the Mu-so.

If you connected the Mu-so to your TV you would have to activate the HDMI audio output on the TV and ensure it is set to PCM.

Sony player to TV. TV ARC to Muso. There is sound from CD and Blu-ray now. However, everything is capped at 44.1/48khz.

SACD, even setting output to PCM still has no sound. CD layer plays fine.

Conclusion, Sony X1100ES’s both HDMI output is not ARC compatible.

Anyone know of a UHD player that has HDMI ARC and plays SACD on the market right now? OPPO is no more. Pioneer LX500 is out of production.

The Mu-So HDMI is ARC only - so you can’t connect any HDMI bit of kit and use it as an input, just an ARC enabled TV set. Make sure you are connected to an ARC enabled HDMI socket on the TV set and that ARC output is enabled in any menu. Also in the menu make sure that you select PCM stereo, not multichannel bitstream. If you still have no joy then check for any firmware updates on the set. Failing that, contract Naim tech support, as HDMI compatibility from one device to another tends to be something of a moving target…

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Thanks for all the info. I didn’t do enough research before purchasing the Muso. I didn’t know the HDMI is ARC only and that it doesn’t support DSD playback or regular HDMI from a player.

Lesson learned.

Other than that, the Mu-so 2 Bentley Edition sounds quite good. Slightly better than the regular version I might add. I believe this is due to the wooden chassis (different resonance) and taller (7mm) and heavier (800g) acrylic plinth.

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