Mu-So 2 as a reference speaker

Good day, Naim community,

I’ve recently got my new Mu-So 2 and was literally shocked by its performance as it was first Hi-Fi product I’ve ever listened to in my life. So the appetites have grown and now I’m looking forward to build my rig at home, using Mu So 2 as a reference speaker. The room size is just 35 m, so Mu-So V2 speakers are excellent solution to fill it with sound completely.
So I thought of adding turntable into the system. The obvious option was anything with built-in phono stage and RCA-to-3.5mm jack to connect it to Mu-So, but I wanted to go to higher level.
Why not stay with Naim? - Stageline N is considered now as a separate phono pre-amp for turntable. Now, here’s where the story begins. Stageline has 2 DIN outputs, 4-pin and 6-pin, if I see it correctly on the pictures. Is there any meaning of looking for 4-pin DIN male to 3.5mm male connector, to wire together Stageline and Mu-So V2?
I also consider of adding Flatcap as a separate PSU for Stageline. And I’m confused now by possible line up and wiring…
Additionally will Mu-So’s internal amps and own speakers be enough to enjoy vinyl records processed by Stageline?
My proposed line-up is attached, so please criticize and advise if any better options are available.
Just want to keep Mu-So as my reference for streaming online sources (Deezer / TIDAL / E-radio) and speaker for vinyl.

A Stageline won’t work without a power supply. If you add the flatcap the new price is over £1,000, getting on for the price of the mu-so itself, which seems disproportionate. I’d suggest that a Rega Planar 1 Plus is enough for a mu-so. It has a built in phono stage that you can connect direct to the mu-so with a phono to 3.5mm lead.


It’s just as enough for that as it is for anything else. If you’re happy with the Muso for your digital sources, you’d probably be happy with it for vinyl.

Hi Kamran & welcome to the forum.

You would maintain correct earthing by connecting the audio out to the Mu-so via one of the 4 pin DINs on the Flatcap.

The 4pin DIN on the Stageline was added for i-Supply users, as there is no other audio out option.


Dodgy mains current we have here, so I’d prefer to have both turntable and phono stage with their separate PSUs.

So, if I understood you correctly, then the newly attached picture shows correct line-up? (see below)

Additional question on Mu-So will be, is there a big sense of adding Uniti Core into the system as an SDD carrier with files library or just SDD-through-USB attached to Mu-So will do the same thing?

I’d get aPlanar 1plus with Unitiqute/Atom & Iota’s or larger speakers if higher spl needed.
Move Muso to other duties

If your budget will stretch to a Stageline and Flatcap plus a turntable worthy of feeding it, I would suggest that you will get more from it if you use a proper stereo amp/speaker combination. The Muso will work just fine, but if your dealer is any good, he should be able to demo some different systems so that you can make an informed decision.

I think this thread is a real test of source first.

If the MuSo is decent enough in one’s opinion to be the primary system, I say go buy the fanciest turntable and phono stage you can and connect it using an RCA-3.5mm lead. Later on you can upgrade the MuSo to a stereo system.

My suggestion is an LP12SE with either an Urika to keep box count down or a Supercap-powered Superline if you want to keep it as Naim as possible.

That’s the biggest problem, why I have ask all these questions on forums, we don’t have any Hi-Fi dealers / Naim retailers here, so I’ll have to buy all the stuff from online UK / EU dealers. I know it may sound ridiculous to buy audio equipment without listening to it (as if you bought painting without looking at it, just because everybody else liked it), but that’s the only way for me to reinforce my decision.

Perhaps you could explain exactly what you are trying to achieve and how much you want to spend. First you mentioned playing records, and then you mention upnp streaming using a Core. I understand it is not always possible to listen at a local dealer, so try to get a clear idea of what you want.

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I have quite a big collection of music in FLACs on my home computer, so was wondering, whether it is needed to be stored on things like Core or I can just put them onto external SDD and attach directly through USB to Mu-So.
Vinyl records playing will be just another source of music, the one I never tried before to be honest (my young ages were with CDs), so I’m eager to hear that “analogue” sound everybody is so passionate about.

If you haven’t heard a Naim system using separate loudspeakers, then I think you would be astonished how much better than the muso it would sound. I suggest you should do that so as to calibrate what you are listening to before you go buying expensive sources.

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The muso will take the analogue signal, convert it ot digital, then convert it back to analogue. :skull_and_crossbones:

This is very true. In the study we have a pair of Neat Iotas and a UnituQute and it’s so much better than the mu-so Qb that preceded it.

I’d echo the suggestion that Kamran tries something similar, maybe with bigger speakers for the bigger room.

There really is no need for a Core if ripping lots of CDs isn’t required. Just transfer the music to a nas and stream from there. That means the computer doesn’t need to be switched on.

For a record player to dabble in a bit of vinyl, a Stageline, Flatcap and turntable is not required. A Rega Planar 1 plus is quite enough.

The mu-so is super but considering a Core and a relatively expensive TT to feed it is simply not a sensible use of funds. The mu-so is good but for the combined budget it’s possible to do so much better.


Hi Kamran,

No, you’d need to use one of the sockets labelled “signal out A, B or C” (A being the shortest signal path) to feed the Mu-so, if you are using “power out A” to feed the Stageline.


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It is strange, isn’t it?
I’m surprised that it will take something from analog input and convert it twice before sending to amps…

I tend to agree with you, maybe I can use Mu-So as a soundbar for TV and background music player (gonna enjoy watching Rock Concerts or whatever Apple TV offers then), and have a separate build-up with Atom / Speakers / TT.
Hmm, why not?

P.S. A UnitiQute mentioned several times and not Atom, is there any reason for that?
P.S.2. Can those be paired with Mu-So for multiroom?

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The Unitiqute is discontinued, and the Atom is the replacement. So you may find a used Unitiqute or other old model much cheaper than the current models.

Any Naim streamers can be used together in multiroom mode.


You can put your FLAC files on an SDD and attach it directly to the usb port on the Mu-So. If you have a usb thumb drive available you can just copy and few tracks onto it and try plugging that into the Mu-So usb port. You’ll then get a feel for the sound quality and you’ll be able to see how the Naim app works when playing music from the usb port. I’d do this first to make sure I’m happy with results before copying a massive number of files to an SDD.

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Only Unitiqutes that are 24/192 compatible have multiroom functionality.


Good point Neil, this has caught out a few people when they have picked up a ‘bargain’ early model Uniti.

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