Mu-so 2 have problem with Sony KD-49XH9505

Hi guys,

I connected the 2nd generation Mu-so with hdmi to the new Sony KD-49XH9505 TV. I’ve never had any problems with the old Sony TV, but the connection doesn’t work here. An annoying hum comes out of the Mu-so and the TV has this error message: “TV speaker active due to an error with the sound system.” I think the connection is correct, I use the HDMI indicated in the attached image. Where can the problem be? As far as the music is steraming with qobuz it works fine. Thank you all.

Make sure your tv is set to output pcm stereo over hdmi.

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What did you mean?
I tried a new start audio configuration, TV recognizes Mu-so (see picture attached) but the configuration not go: same annoying hum and error.

A lot of televisions and streaming services like Sky and Netflix use dolby digital for sound. This cannot be played by a naim muso, you must set the output format to pcm stereo.

Naim equipment, whether through optical or HDMI, will only recognise a stereo PCM signal. You need to go into the audio submenu of your TV and select that.

May be a Sky Q audio setting or only TV setting?

It’s the TV audio output that needs to be set to PCM stereo.

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The manual in your photo shows an HDMI ARC input on the TV linking to an HDMI ARC output on a HiFi. That makes no sense to me. Perhaps it’s just a typo.

You could try an optical connection instead and see if that works.

ALL GOOD with PCM audio.

Thanks guys


That’s great, thanks for confirming.

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