Mu-So 2: Low volume performance and audio latency?

I’m currently investigating the Mu-So 2 for my living room.

  1. Are the 3.5 mm and optical input low latency? This is important because I’d like to connect a DJ-set once in a while.

  2. How does the Mu-So 2 sounds at low/moderate volume levels? Everybody is impressed by MU-SO 2’s dynamic ability, but since I live in an apartment, I mostly have to play around or even below conversation sound levels. Is the mu-so 2 also engaging/musical at modest volume levels?

I have read almost every single review and user feedback out there, but cannot find the answer to these two specifically important questions in my situation. :slight_smile:

As to how it engages at low volume levels, only you can really decide. In my house my idea of reasonable volume is far too loud fir my kids. Best to go to a dealer and try one.

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I hear yah :roll_eyes:

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