Mu-so 2 + QNAP + Roon - should it work?

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Hello everyone,
Am I wrongly assuming that I can use Mu-so 2 with a Qnap and Roon without a paid Roon subscription?
I have two “Roon-ready” Naim Mu-so 2 streamers, my music collection stored on a Qnap TS-453A with Roon server installed on it. I configured the app, set a database location, and when I open the Roon app the status shows as running (but without Naim as a connected audio device).
I was expecting to see Roon under servers in the Naim app but it’s not there.
Where did I cut a corner?
Thanks in advance!

Hi, you need to pay for roon and have the roon server software running somewhere. Roon ready just means it works direct with roon raat protocol.
You “drive” it through the roon app, there is no integration with the Naim app whatsoever.

In setup / audio, you might need to enable the musos in the “roon ready” section.

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Many thanks! That settles it for me.

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