Mu-so 2 - Wood Edition: Ghosting effect - auto switching on randomly in the night - no alarm set

it happened now multiple times that my mu so gets activated and plays music some when around 2 am and 5 am.

nothing (e.g. cloth) is on the mu so that could replicate a touch on the play button.

i do have either no alarm or one during the week at 6:30 am.

this is such a spooky feeling if it just starts playing music relatively loud during the night.

does anyone face the same issue?

What music source starts playing?

It’s possible that the fault lies in the Muso firmware, but other possibilities are that someone who has previously used Spotify Connect is inadvertently streaming it to your Muso without realising it, or that interference is sending a signal to the infra red remote input.

connected: qobuz, tidal, and spotify.

the last one i used and listened before going to bed was qobuz i think.

however, no one but me has access to the mu so and i was alone at home. that makes it so spooky :slight_smile:

The Spotify issue is a strange one which occasionally catches people out. Anyone who has previously used it through your Muso can accidentally do so again without being anywhere near your network.
Worst case scenario: you’re in bed, your kids are out at a party and want to play some loud dance music. They haven’t noticed that your Muso is still selected as the output device in their Spotify app, and when silence ensues they hold their finger on the volume button until it hits maximum.
The fact that this is technically possible is down to a known quirk of the Spotify app which they refuse to change, so it’s out of Naim’s hands.

spotify is known to do this if several devices have been used on the muso. Spotify sees it as a feature affected users tend to disagree.

I had a similar issue years ago where a Muso was too close to a kitchen cabinet that had a fluorescent light underneath.

The fluorescent light appeared to turn the muso on / off change functions etc.

Probably not what you are experiencing as in my case it only occurred when the light was on, but thought I’d mention it just in case.


i know this function. but i did a factory reset 1 day before. so actually such a scenario is not possible in my case.

In another thread someone mentioned a device responding to the infrared from a security camera with night vision.

So perhaps this is also @JustMusic 's problem? Some device with infrared?

I’m not sure a factory reset will make any difference. The solution is to get the person who is inadvertently doing this to go to the settings in their Spotify app and get it to ‘forget’ your streamer.

there is no one having access to my spotify or my naim.

Is there a way to disable Spotify to see if the problem goes away?

No, once someone has used Spotify Connect to stream to your device their Spotify app remembers it. The only way to prevent someone from accidentally sending the stream to your device is to make sure they don’t do this, or to get them set their Spotify app to forget your streamer.
Otherwise, as long as your device is turned on and has a network connection, they can access it.

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