[Mu-so 2nd Gen] Dim Lights When Selected

This thing drives me crazy. I have “Dim Lights When Selected” ticked under HDMI settings, but this setting rarely works, the lights stay on and I can’t turn them off. The solution is to turn everything off and on again, but even that doesn’t always work. What the hell is going on? Firmware issue?

Welcome to the forum @kbax23 - useful to indicate your general location in your profile - uk or country and take care with some choices of wording, this tends to be a polite forum; many will try and help if they can.

IIRC there is a lighting setting on Muso - “Settings/Other Settings/ Lighting” - option is on or off.
Does that work for you? That setting is different to “Settings/Input Settings/HDMI/Dim…”
I don’t have HDMI connected, but I note that is Dim - not off, so it may be set as it intended.
Two thoughts - HDMI as commented by Naim staff here, is that different tv manufacturers follow slightly different protocols for HDMI - so it makes it difficult for Naim to cover every eventuality / configuration; search re HDMI may help here.
Otherwise you could log a query with Naim support. If you do, suggest you include make of tv, how connected - meaning HDMI cable version involved and the exact firmware version of your Muso 2 - “latest” is best avoided.

Thanks. I am polite but also very frustrated. The lightning option works, but that’s not what I want. I want it to light up when I’m listening to music and turn off when the speaker is connected to the TV via HDMI. But this works very rarely. It stays on.

As I commented, the option doesn’t appear to be “off” merely dim for HDMI. Either discuss with your dealer or raise a query with support by email, who likely will confirm how it should operate. Threads are not usually monitored by Naim staff. It may be an issue with HDMI signalling to the Naim unit.
Be good to know when you receive an explanation from support.

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