Mu-So 2nd Gen not switching to Analog Input


For some reason the mu-so 2nd gen is not switching to the analog input using the remote or the button on the speaker.
This only works via the naim app.

Could you please help?


Try taking the power off the muso 2, wait one minute, then put the power on again. I expect it will be ok now once it has restarted.


Hi David,

Thank you. This is what we did but there was no signal from the analog.
My wife got the app in the end and switched from her phone.
One thing I did was to rename the input to “turntable” in the app. Not sure if this has anything to do with the issue.

I don’t think renaming the input should affect it’s operation at all. If you have tried a full power off restart, then the next level of reset would be to reset the muso 2 to factory settings and set it up again from the beginning.

Alternatively you could ask your dealer for help or contact Naim support to see whether they have any ideas.



Issue resolved with a factory reset.
Now remote and device are responsive to input change.

Logged a ticket with naim support, but no one contacted me back on this matter.

Thank you very much to the community for the prompt reply.

Another case of B.Y.O.S.

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