Mu-So 2nd gen - Present a Tidal or Qobuz playlist

Hi everyone,
my first post here.

I own a Mu-So 2md gen and while I can set a Spotify playlist as one of the 5 presets available in the dial pad on the Mu-So as one of the 5 Presets, I cannot do the same wkith Tidal or Qobuz playlists. They can be set as Favorites only, not as Preset.

I’m missing something?


Welcome to the forum!

If you go into the Qobuz section of the app, then choose the “My Playlists” section, you will see a list of your Qobuz playlists. Long press on your playlist and you should see an option to add it as a preset. I assume the same would be true of Tidal.