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I purchased a MuSo 2nd Gen in Dec 23 but I’m having major issues with the unit. Most times that I turn the unit on it just freezes and a spinning light appears around the volume dial. The only way I can overcome is by turning the unit off at the plug socket as the remote control will not respond and wait for 5-10mins before turning the plug back on. As you can imagine I’m finding this extremely frustrating and not something that I expected from a high end piece of equipment. Any suggestions or advice in overcoming this major issue would be gratefully received.

Unplug your Qb2 from the mains - leave for at least 30 minutes.

During that downtime, restart your internet router - ensure that’s fully powered back up before you plug your Qb back in.

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I wonder if it’s struggling to find your network. Have a look at the led and you may find out what’s going on.

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If I recall correctly the spinning light around the volume dial indicates that the unit is updating the firmware (if connected to your wifi network, obviously). If so, you should let that process conclude and not turn off or unplug your unit.

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My muso 2 struggled to find my network. In the end it only would work via ethernet. I had a chat with naim support that were very honest. The muso 2 was sent back to my dealer with the findings from naim support. A new network board was fitted.
Its ok now, but it still struggles to find my network, even though the wifi access point is 2 foot away. My ndx2 that sits in the same room, but further away is rock solid on wifi. Never an issue.
My muso2 often needs to be taken to one side, switched off for 10 mins, then switched back on. I reckon about once a fortnight.


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