Mu-so 2nd Generation - Spotify volume changes unexpectedly

I have one weekend under my belt with my new Mu-so 2nd Generation. One of the reasons I purchased it, however, is that my wife appreciates (demands) simplicity. As such, she is less likely to use the Naim app and wants to continue to use Spotify, something that I expected would not be a problem. But, while playing Spotify is not a problem, she has experienced problems with unexplained volume increases while listening. Yesterday, it happened four times over the course of two hours. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Any insights anyone can offer are appreciated.

Two possibilities to explore.

One is the volume via the Spotify app may be controlled with phone/ tablet volume buttons. This is not the case with the Naim App.

Do you have a shared Spotify account or allowed a third party to use? If so, then it is feasible that the volume could be altered by anyone on that account that has used your Spotify connect… think kids!

I’m sure there are other explanations.

Thanks for your reply. We did recognize that volume for Spotify was controlled with the phone/tablet volume buttons. But interestingly, when playing Spotify, the Naim app volume is controlled by the phone/tablet volumes as well. But this appears to only be the case for Spotify. (I check Naim Radio, Tidal, and Qobuz and the phone/tablet volume does NOT control these sources from within the Naim app.)

The Spotify account is a family account so no one should have my wife’s login. But, it did make me consider where else she may be using the account (e.g., Amazon Echo Dot, Sonos). I’ll have to see whether these could be affecting the volume. That will take a bit more time, though.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Hi, just a thought, & others may confirm if it can happen; is there a nearby remote for another electrical item being used that’s conflicting with it?

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