Mu-so 2nd Generation

Ten days ago I bought a Mu-so 2. Having only played it three or four times since via the internet radio and CD, I’m disappointed with its sound. Clarity certainly isn’t its strongest point, bass rules! I think it’s best described as boxy and muffled. I’m sure I can improve it by adding a piece of external equipment, but at this price point it shouldn’t be necessary or need it. If I had auditioned before buying sounding as it does I’m not sure I would have gone for it. As they say, “you live and learn”. My excuse is that I bought it during ‘lockdown’ and auditioning wasn’t possible. For £1300 I expected a lot better especially based on the positive reviews I read. The pathetic remote is another story!


Positioning is actually quite important for best sound I have found with the 1st Gen Mu-Sos, and I would assume too for the 2nd Gen. Also make sure you have loudness switched off and take time to experiment with the settings that optimise how the speaker performs in relation to the distance from the wall.

Give the box some time. I was also a little surprised, when I startet with it (muso 1).
But it had grown so much on me. It even restarted my Naim addiction… with spending a lot of money for updates of main system.
As Richard said, try to adjust distance of back wall (there is also a setting for this). Loudness off is mandatory:o)
I love my muso and with connection to nas and hdx my music is a click away.

I second that. 1) It needs quite some time to break in, my QB sounded bloated and muffled at first, and 2) positioning is important too. I sadly cannot pull mine out of the corner it’s in without a fight with the missus. It still does sound a bit boomy in some songs, but much better than in the first month

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Definitely needs to be run in, when v2 was being launched they were being run overnight at the factory to get as much hours on them as possible before going to a show.

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do download the latest firmware - released this week - to my ears it gives a real improvement in SQ. But otherwise as others have said give it a little time to run in - this is a factor with most NAIM equipment (as it is with other hi-fi manufacturers)- just put it on a radio station and leave it running for a few days if possible to get things started. re the remote i have found i never use it, relying on the app.

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I have gen one and took a bit of time to get it right and to run in. Now it sounds fantastic now most people are impressed by its performance. I’ve never used the remote, not sure if I even know where it is.

Mu-so 2 sound.
Thanks everyone for your suggestions. Proir to coming on to the forum I’d unchecked the loudness and set the room positioning a couple of days ago and yesterday downloaded the update. I’m still unhappy with the sound. I will run the unit in as many have suggested and see if that improves it.
Many thanks all for your comments. Others will be most welcome.

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Just let it run for a few days, not sure what you’re comparing it with but just remember there’s compromise with everything. My Muso sound great but it’s certainly not my 272/250, and I’d be pissed if it did sound as good as that combo.

In my own experience, positioning is probably the most important … through experimentation, I found that a minimum 35cm from a back wall and well away from side walls, starts giving me the balance of sound I’m looking for. However I keep loudness on and no compensation.

On top of positioning & some run in time, what is the unit sitting on? If its not on something offering proper support, it won’t sound its best.

i love the sound of my muso i certainly wouldn’t describe it as boxy or muffled. bass is certainly there for such a small device but i wouldn’t describe it as bass heavy. it sits in the archway between 2 rooms so effectively in open space minimising room effects and at eye/ear level when seated. but of course it can’t give the full stereo effect of a system with 2 speakers. it is a shame you weren’t able to demo it against other options - for me it was an easy choice - but it gave me a good idea of what i would get and the patience to let it settle down - having been advised by the dealer that the sound fresh out of the box would not be what i had heard at the demo. perhaps for you it is too late - the initial disappointment may be too strong for you to ever overcome - if so maybe the best path is to discuss this with the dealer and possibly trade it in for something else? whatever you decide i hope you will love the music

I have found that position makes a big difference, I have the back approx 35cm from the wall. I have also played around with height and have found an improvement from getting the unit as close to sitting ear level height as possible.
I have also found that the type of unit the Muso is sitting on affects the bass , there was a recent thread about Vibrapods and Muso,cit is worth having a search for.


The Vibrapods really do work, much tighter/cleaner bass. I will have to try to position my Mu-so at ear level.

Mine sounded a bit reserved out of the box, but hell its brilliant now, not too much bass, clear and packs a punch into a fairly large space

Give it time

As others have said, out of the box isn’t a great experience. I was totally surprised that my Qb 2 needed a few days to run in.

I unboxed it. Set it up. Hit play. And thought oh crap. This would be rubbish at half the price. It was like a tinny iPod dock with a disjointed sub.

It changed dramatically for the better over the first 48 hours. Blossomed into an excellent zone speaker with great clarity and boogie.

It is still an all-in-one, even if an expensive one. I haven’t heard the 2, but the 1 was certainly no more than a “nice” soundbar…

I have a Muso mk1 and I feel as a single box streamer it delivers. The sound is not high end,but also not fatiguing for longer listening and as Richard indicated it can really benefit from set up. Finslly It benefits from good signal do Tidal Hi Fi over standard Spotify

Happy listening

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