Mu-so Andriod App problems

I am frustrated by the quality of the Mu-so Andriod App. These are some of the problems with the latest version :

-The App often won’t connect to my UPuP server, other similar App’s like HiFi Cast have no problem

-When the radio is streaming if I go into the uPnP tab the radio is stopped, even though nothing new has been selected to play, is this a feature or a bug?.

-UPnP tab, when I go into an album it used to be possible to play either the album or an individual track, now it’s only play album… this means that creating on the fly playlists is a right pain, why the retro step in functionality?

-The App constantly loses connection to the Mu-so and I need to select which room again, sometime need to power cycle both

-iRadio is insanely difficult to find a radio station

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