Mu So Gen 2 - Bluesound Node as a Hi-Res streamer possible?

I love my Mu So Gen 2. However, it seems to be that when streaming Tidal or Qobuz, it does not stream from the best quality both provide.

The Mu So itself can, however, 24bit/384kHz.

When streaming from Tidal via the Mu So for example, it is only in hifi mode, not master mode. Is it because of the internal streaming capability / Wi-Fi limitations?

Is it possible to use a streamer like Bluesound Node where Tidal and Qobuz is streamed in the best quality possible and gives the digital data signal to the Mu So?

Naim don’t support master mode from Tidal as this involves mqa.
So with Naim + Tidal, and assuming no other hardware / software involved, there is absolutely no point having a master level subscription.

Qobuz however is fully supported, you will get the maximum available, assuming you’ve selected the highest bitrate option in the app.

If you want to use Tidal master level with Naim, then roon software will do the first mqa unfold.
Or a hardware solution would be to put a box in the system that does support Tidal master, and will output that in pcm format via optical (which you can then plug into the side of the mu-so).

It’s the “Naim doesn’t support mqa” reason that makes choosing Qobuz over Tidal an easy choice, assuming you want true hires without additional fuss.

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thank you so much for the answer. this answers my question fully :slight_smile:

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i would have a related question: what happens when i use tidal via roon ready option in the mu so 2 ?

do i get a higher quality since the software in roon ready is able to unfold? or is 1:1 the same like using the tidal app. so your answer from above is still valid.

Not really fair to say it’s Naim not supporting MQA that is the problem here. The issue is that MQA isn’t lossless and isn’t true hi-res.

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You can get Roon to do the first ‘unfold’ of Tidal MQAs. For me it had a slightly un-natural tone that I didn’t really like, and I marginally preferred regular 16/44.1 on Tidal, so switching to Qobuz was an obvious choice.

i prefer qobuz over tidal every time. i was a question out of curiosity.

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