Mu So II

I’m thinking of getting a one box solution for my Kitchen/ Family room. Currently have a pair of Dynaudio XEO 6 floor standers and we almost never use it.

So I’ve been looking at one box solutions. Problem I’ve found is mostly everything is a streaming speaker with no inputs, or no upnp or Dlna support. The Mu-so at least has digital inputs. Anyone here have one and what’s the opinion?

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I have one. It replaces a Cyrus multi-box system that I loved. It was running against a pair of Dali Grand Coupe’s and sounded quick, sure footed and generally heavenly.
then we moved to a smaller place, I wanted something smaller, more convenient, read about the Muso II and got one.

I haven’t looked back. I love the convenience and the sound is more than okay for a one-box system in my opinion.
I have used the optical in for a bit with the old CD player - I found it sounded nice, but the volume dropped markedly so now it’s back to streaming.
I also use the aux in for our tv set (an old Sony 32 inch thing with no HDMI Arc but with RCA audio out).

Have a listen if you can - I was easily convinced.

The Mu-so has UPnP support

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It’s great, I haven’t regretted it. I did get it for an extra room though, it won’t be replacing the floor standers in the living room.

I would like to mention that if you plan to use bluetooth, maybe look for a 2nd hand gen 1. For inexplicable reasons Naim have dropped aptX HD from the 2nd gen. where the frist had it. As they don’t support LDAC, that leaves no high quality codec. Having said that, most other options like physical connections and Chromecast (and Airplay I guess?) should be better than even the high quality bt codecs.

Thanks all. Yes upnp is great since I use Miniserver on Synology NAS I also have Sonos I want to run into it. Question: In looking at the owners manual it appears that all the connections are on the bottom left side, looks like a rectangular recess. Is it deep enough for most cables, can’t tell from the drawings?


The optical, Ethernet and power sockets are recessed but there’s sufficient space to plug these in, none of those connectors are chunky (power is via fig 8 not iec).
The line in is on the right hand side via a 3.5mm socket.

Thank you Robert. I’m pretty much sold on getting it. I prefer to move on my existing equipment before buying anything new, that way I feel like I’m recycling my old money.

If i were you i would listen to it first before making your mind up.

It needs alot of room and good placement, at my place it needs at least 25cm from wall behind.

To my ears its superb to jazz and instrumental, when listening to top 10 pop charts it got to much base. Buts thats my opinion.

It has no way of changing the way it sounds with EQ/DSP, which could be good to know prior to buying it.

I mainly run Apple music through HDMI.

To be fair, while there’s no variable EQ (some might say, thankfully not!), the Mu-So does use DSP to offer two options here; one is for loudness, and the other for wall proximity both of which will have an effect on bass.

@ploppen Thanks for the advise. I’m really looking at the MU SO as a really expensive table radio. Something for background music. I currently have Dynaudio XEO 6’s in that area that my son is getting. I’m really just trying lighten my load. Honestly if I could find a single box solution that did everything I want for less $$ it would be fine.

Thanks Richard I didn’t know that, and that will be helpful!

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Have you looked at the Muso QB 2? It doesn’t have HDMI, but it does have a digital/analog input and handles UPnP. And it’s closer to the size of a table radio.

I’ll give it a look, thanks!

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